3 Tips For Overcoming Resistance To Change

Picture this….. you decide it’s time to make a lifestyle change and you’re feeling determined and excited. You announce it to your family, giving them all the reasons why you want this change and declare it will happen! You have never been so serious or determined about any other change than this one!

You think your loved ones will be just as excited for you and the first ones to give you unconditional support. Yet after you are done with your declaration, they meet you with frowns and glares and not so supportive feedback.

They burst your big happy bubble and now you feel defeated before you even get started. You think how can I do this if they don’t support me?

I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is this is completely normal. Once you get started and stay consistent, they will more than likely give you their support.

The bad news is if you are always looking to change something, but never stick with it past two weeks, your family most likely won’t support you until they see you consistently practicing the change for a good month or two.

They are waiting for you to make it past the typical timeframe of which you always give up.

And…. if you are one to make the family participate in each change, then there’s also some underlying resentment brewing in them. They didn’t ask for any of the changes that you imposed on them. They see it as unnecessary suffering and will try to talk you down and will pull out all the stops if they feel you are forcing them to participate.

Here’s the thing. If you set out for change, honestly the only person you can control is yourself. Others have to want the change too in order for it to be successful and then and only then will you have each other’s support.

So how can you make this change a success?

  1. If you are notorious for making your family change with you. Let them know before you even state your change, that you are not expecting them to do this with you. Explain this change is for you and only you. Then watch them breathe a big sigh of relief! However, they might stay weary of you for a few weeks, anticipating the sneak attack!
  2. If your family refuses to support you, don’t let that stop you. Many friends and co-workers will support you. Or if you need consistent accountability and support, then consider hiring a coach specific to the change you are trying to accomplish.
  3. To break past the two-week point of which you find change too hard and give up. Start with breaking up the desired change into actionable steps that you can take two weeks at a time. This makes implementing change less overwhelming!

For example, let’s say the change is eating healthier. You know you should eat more protein, more veggies, healthier fats and work on getting your carb portions under control.

Start with one food group like protein.   Each day for two weeks you will work on finding all the lean protein sources you can and consume a certain portion size at each meal.

If after two weeks you feel this action has become easy, you will continue eating protein, but then you will add in another food group to master. However, if you feel you are still not quite there, then continue working on mastering protein for two more weeks.

You must also understand that change never occurs with overnight success. Each day is a practice and sometimes it’s a rough start. Focus on the good and continue to practice each day. Over time you will start to nail each actionable step.

If your change is a lifestyle change, then it’s important to understand you will be practicing for a lifetime. The practice never ends but the action becomes much simpler to implement. You will begin doing it without even thinking about it.

A lifestyle change doesn’t have a deadline; it’s just something you do every single day. So relax into it and just keep practicing!!


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