The Diet Renovation
Starter Kit

Improve Your Nutrition, Change Your Life

The Diet Renovation is for those who no longer accept their health challenges and are ready to CLAIM BACK THEIR HEALTH!

You no longer have to allow the Standard American Diet aka SAD diet to control your health!

You do not have to be labeled by Heart Disease, Insulin Resistance, Type II Diabetes, Cancer, IBS, Crohns, Thyroid Dysfunction, etc.

Unfortunately, we've been taught the "convenience" of quick eating via drive-thrus, foods that come in a box, and frozen dinners, these food may save you time, but they keep you overfed and undernourished!

It's time to slow down and eat REAL FOOD. It's time to give yourself the best possible gift... YOUR HEALTH!

It starts with renovating your diet.

As a mom who has a busy schedule of my own and boys who are very active in sports, I totally understand the attraction to quick convenient foods. And I still utilize them on occasion but they are no longer my normal.

I had to get real with myself about my health and be honest on where I was spending my time. It's turns out I did have time to do a little planning for the week which set me up for success and not eating on the go!

Just like you, I was raised on Kraft Mac'n Cheese, Hamburger Helper, Stouffers Lasanga, Schwan's meals and dare I even say it... Spam (oh my gosh, barf)! But I spent most of my teenage through adult years in constant search for the nearest bathroom because I never knew when my stomach would reject the food I had ate.

I was sick all the time and developed serve allergies and asthma. I never thought to consider my nutrition until my mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2001. This was the catlyst that pushed my curiousity in nutrition. I saw first hand in her blood work how real food helped my mom prolong the grim six months diagnosis.

But it wasn't until 2011 (yes 10 years later) I started putting two and two together that I suffered from a lot of digestive issues as my mom. I was tired all the time, couldn't think straight or finish my sentences, I had no motivation to exercise and was always fighting allergies.

I started making small changes and eating less and less processed foods, I started cooking and being in control of my ingredients and my health did a 180!

I started feeling much better, my energy levels rose dramatically, I had the energy to be active again and fell in love with weight lifting. Over time my allergies were back in control and I no longer suffered from asthma!

Hi! I'm Kris! If I can change my nutrition, so you can you!

You see there's nothing extra special about me. All I did was desire to feel better and make a decision to explore what foods worked well for my body.

I implemented the steps I share with you in The Diet Renovation and my health, both mentally and physically, and my body changed in so many powerful ways!

I want the same for you - you deserve it!

The Diet Renovation Starter Kit includes the following:

Shopping Guide: To guide you to better health by reducing the foods that cause inflammation and adding back in foods that give you energy and help you THRIVE. Take the guesswork out of what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Prep and Action Guide: To help you choose the right foods to prepare in advance so that putting together healthier meals will be quick and easy. No more letting food go to waste or eating out by Wednesday night.

Portion Control Guide: To help you take control of your portion sizes and nourish your body by balancing out the right amount of protein, veggies, fats and starchy carbs. Bonus benefits include sustainable energy throughout the day, less cravings, more feeling satisfied AND weight management!


4 How-To Training Videos: Showing you how to create an effective shopping list, how to create a meal plan, what foods to prepare in advance, and how to properly balance out food portions on your plate.

Fillable Shopping List: So that you can fill in, print, and shop effectively

Fillable Meal Planner: So that you know exactly what you are eating at every meal, no guessing!

Free 30-Minute Diet Renovation Strategy Call: A valuable call to help you get started on the right track!

Grab it now!

Once you purchase The Diet Renovation, within 15 minutes you will receive an email from me with downloadable links to access all the information. Please check your spam folders.

Here's what a few have to say after going through The Diet Renovation:

"I have so much more energy each day because I am feeding my body what it needs & deserves. I sleep soooo much better! I naturally eat less & am getting full faster now. My mental focus is on point. My family is feeling better too because this has applied to all of us in the house. We are cooking with correct portion sizes so we are no longer over eating or overbuying food. I have actually saved money on my grocery bill just by making smarter choices." Aleasha

"I learned that I was making excuses and I was my own demon. I know now that I am capable of making healthy choices and still be bad once in a while and not feel bad about it. I organized myself a little better to make my breakfast and lunch and make healthier dinner choices." Diana

By renovating your diet, you can expect your energy levels to increase, your weight to feel more manageable, and develop confidence that the foods you are eating are supporting your overall health and wellbeing!!!

I know that we tend to feel like our struggle is unlike anyone else's but honestly, like mine, there's nothing extra special about your struggle either. You simply need to give yourself FULL permission to get the help you need!

The Diet Renovation could be the best investment you make in your health this year!

So, you can keep on struggling OR you can click the buy button below and CLAIM BACK YOUR HEALTH TODAY!


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