What does STRENGTH mean in the Strength by Kris Community?

S – Strong foundations

T – Trust the process

R – Rise above

E – Embrace yourself

N – Never give up

G – Gain knowledge

T – Transform your game

H – Help others


STRONG FOUNDATIONSsurround yourself with other likeminded individuals that help you grow and keep pushing you forward

TRUST THE PROCESS:  understand developing your skill and game will not happen overnight but overtime of practicing consistency the results WILL come

RISE ABOVE:  overcome your limitations

EMBRACE YOURSELF:  accept where you are now and know progress will happen

NEVER GIVE UP:  it is okay to fail, that is how you learn – move forward, make adjustments and keep going

GAIN KNOWLEDGE:  through researching, watching game film, and asking questions

TRANSFORM YOUR GAME:  when you have taken action on the steps above your game will transform to a higher level

HELP OTHERSpay it forward, you are now in a place that you feel confident enough to help someone else gain the STRENGTH they need to transform their game – BE A LEADER