What does STRENGTH mean in the Strength by Kris Community?

S – Strong foundations

T – Trust the process

R – Rise above

E – Embrace yourself

N – Never give up

G – Gain knowledge

T – Transform your life

H – Help others


STRONG FOUNDATIONSsurround yourself with other likeminded individuals that help you grow and keep pushing you forward

TRUST THE PROCESS:  understand developing your lifestyle will not happen overnight but overtime of practicing consistency the results WILL come

RISE ABOVE:  overcome your limitations

EMBRACE YOURSELF:  love yourself as you are now, shift your mindset from negative self-talk to self-acceptance, loving “as-is” gives you the power needed to make positive changes

NEVER GIVE UP:  it is okay to fail, that is how you learn and move forward, make adjustments and keep going

GAIN KNOWLEDGE:  through researching, reading and learning on your own

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE:  when you have taken action on the steps above your life will become less stressful, easier to manage and you will gain confidence in yourself

HELP OTHERSpay it forward, you are now in a place that you feel confident enough to help someone else gain the STRENGTH they need to transform their life.  So do it!