Sports Nutrition Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

I have something special for you! 

One of the most common struggles that parents raising athletes have, is that their meals are the same every week… booooring!

Parents are too busy running their athletes to and from practice or games to have the mental bandwidth to come up with new ideas on their own.

Well, my friend, I am in the same busy boat as you!  That’s why I called on a few of my friends to bring us some veggie side dish inspiration!

First, let me share how boring our side dishes are, you ready? Salad, homemade fries or baked potato, asparagus, or rice… yep, that’s it! Thank goodness our main dishes are tasty!

I was so excited when Susan (if you’ve been reading my blogs, you should know Susan by now), my OG parent who completed my online course Raising Elite Level Athletes asked this question!  Thanks, Susan!

Let me start by saying Raising Elite Level Athletes does not give out meal plans. I don’t believe in them.  I feel very strongly that eating is unique to each individual and I want the athletes and their families to enjoy what they are eating.  

Raising Elite Level Athletes does show you how to combine food groups to create stable energy for high-level performance.  What you choose for those food groups is up to you!

Ok, so let’s dive into some side dish inspiration!

First up, we have Elizabeth Sherman with Total Health by Elizabeth giving us some Tex-Mex flair!

Kaci Cheeseman with What Can Be Gained is sharing a yummy Creamed Spinach Dish that can be altered to accommodate those that are #dairyfree.

Leah Harvey – @leahharvey_thatmilitarywife is sharing a few dishes she has posted on her Instagram account:

Another site you can visit for veggie side dish inspiration is Forks Over Knives – while it’s a vegan website, they do have some tasty dishes!

I hope you add a few of these recipes to your meal rotation. And please do yourself a favor; make your sides in advance, this saves you so much time in putting a meal together!

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Now, if you are looking to get specific guidance for your athlete, schedule a Sports Performance Nutrition Evaluation.  I’m here to help your athlete achieve their dreams!