Self-Acceptance Series – Part 3

In part 2 we covered the juicy topics of:  Accepting responsibility for your actions AND Accepting yourself as you are right now.  In case you missed it you can find it here.

This is the last part of the series and we will be covering the following topics:

  • Putting yourself first
  • Understanding no one is responsible for your happiness

Putting yourself first

You’ve heard the expression you can’t pour from an empty cup.  And it is so true, we are so used to giving all our time and energy to others and when it’s time to focus on ourselves, we simply feel drained.  We continually let ourselves go.

This needs to stop immediately.  When you give to yourself first and your needs are met, you will have so much more positive energy to give to others.

Carve out time for yourself to exercise, read a book, take a hot relaxing bath, get a massage, or take a leisure walk.  I know some are thinking there’s just not enough time in the day, right?  But that is just an excuse, there’s always time.  Wake up a little earlier, set aside 30 minutes of your lunch break, spend less time on social media sites, etc.  There is always time…

When you don’t take time for yourself, resentment starts to creep in and your demeanor turns negative toward your loved ones.  I know when you start to make time for yourself, there tends to be guilt surrounding this situation.

However, let go of that guilt because I promise by doing something that helps you feel better will benefit everyone involved.  You are SO worth investing time in yourself!!

Understanding no one is responsible for your happiness

Because we tend to not be happy with ourselves, we unrealistically put that responsibility on our partners or friends.  We think they need to work hard at making us happy by having their undivided attention, drowning us with amazing compliments or buying us gifts.

Sure all these things are great but that should not determine our happiness.  This mindset is not attractive and leaves us being viewed as needy and insecure.  Happiness lies within ourselves.  Believing that anyone else is responsible for your emotions will leave you sorely disappointed.

This does take work and sometimes it means sitting with yourself in silence and reconnecting with you.  Sometimes it means being alone, even as hard as it sounds, it may be required.

This was true for me, once my marriage ended I needed a good year to myself to rediscover who I was.  And then I realized I needed much more time to myself, which ended up being one more year of being alone and not in a relationship.

It was hard but I was forced to take a long hard look at myself and focus on my weaknesses.  The end result was I became a much stronger person and was truly happy on my own.

Sometimes years are spent staying in the wrong relationship or hopping from one relationship to another out of fear of being alone.  But why?  You will always have yourself, the #1 person you can always count and rely on.

Building a personal relationship with yourself may be the hardest one to achieve, yet it is the most important relationship you can ever have.

Because when you are in a loving, secure and happy place with yourself, everyone else around you reaps the benefits, it trickles down to them.  Your happiness comes from an honest place with no hidden agendas.

Wrapping it up

You were given this one body, make the most of it in the time that you have.  Love and appreciate what it does for you every single day.

Give back to your body by moving it as it was designed and fuel your body with food that will nourish and keep illness at bay.

Get plenty of rest and recovery so you feel recharged every day to spend time with your loved ones.

Make a conscious effort to turn every negative thought of yourself into something you are grateful for.

I shared in one of my newsletters that my insecurity lies in the midsection of my body, after having a child, it will never be the same.  I have a bump that sticks out from having a C-section, I have stretch marks and loose skin.

I have had some seriously negative emotions around how my mid-section looks.  I have worked really hard at turning those thoughts around to something I can be grateful for.

This area of my body allowed me to carry a healthy baby.  This area of my body is strong and helps me to lift heavy weight.  This area of my body alerts me to food sensitivities so that I can correct and feel great every day.   I turned the way I viewed my mid-section around to being grateful for everything that it does for me every single day.

I challenge you to begin developing a personal relationship with yourself today.  Only amazing things can come out of it, sure there’s some hard work involved, some self-revelations to discover, but the reward is a highly confident and happy YOU.  Are you in?

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