Hey there - I’m Coach Kris! I’m really excited that you are interested in further supporting your teen’s athletic goals!


A common question I get from parents is - Do teen athletes need to worry about nutrition? The answer is 100% YES.  

What an athlete eats determines if they will be able to bounce back from an injury or not.

Many teen athletes have to give up their dream of playing in college or going pro because they get injured and their bodies don’t heal correctly - it’s too painful to try to play and move as they did before the injury.

Chances are, you were injured or you know someone who was injured in high school. My father and brother were injured in high school, and now they often reflect on what could’ve been.  It’s heartbreaking!

Eating foods that have no nutritional value (junk/processed foods) daily will cause the body to break down and lead to injury.

Nutrient-dense foods support the body and help the body heal and recover properly, yet I know many teen athletes livin’ that junk food life! I witness this time and time again at games and tournaments.

Not only is nutrition important for minimizing injury, but teen athletes also need it to play at their highest level to continue increasing their sports performance, and to stay focused in practice, training, or a game.

I’ve watched hundreds of athletes compete, and there’s one common theme; many run out of energy after halftime. 

I’ve watched teams that my sons have played on have a fantastic first half and then struggle to finish the game and end up losing, which is beyond frustrating!

While I had no control over the other players on the team, I made sure to guide my athletes with nutrition that supported their energy not just for one game but for multiple games in a day.

When I work with an athlete (virtually), we cover 4 different aspects of their sports performance:

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Game Preparation
  • Building a Strong Mindset
  • Minimizing Injury

Sports Nutrition:

This is probably the longest phase because I spend a good amount of time with the athlete filling in any nutritional gaps and balancing out food groups to create stable energy balance in the body. The athlete will also receive an individualized nutrition guide based on their sports performance goals.

Once the athlete understands how to eat and feels comfortable making choices that will fuel their performance, we move on to game preparation.

What an athlete learns in the nutrition phase flows over to game prep, mindset, and minimizing injury - so it’s an ongoing practice.


Game Preparation:

Here the athlete starts testing and adjusting their nutrition based on their body’s feedback. If they had high energy throughout a training, practice, or game - awesome, they nailed it! 

If not, I help them readjust their nutrition, and they try again. This creates so much awareness on how their body feels when they have the right energy balance or when they don’t and how to fix it.

Athletes will also learn my T - 48 Method that gets them dialed in for game day. Two days before competing, they work on dialing-in on their nutrition, hydration, mindset, and sleep.

Building a Strong Mindset:

In this phase, we work on overcoming any internal and external distractions that keep the athlete from competing at their highest level. 

We also explore what it means to have an alter ego (higher self) to call upon when the stakes are high, and everything is on the line for the win. 

Athletes will work on setting intentions for every practice, training, or game - instead of just showing up and hoping it all goes well.

Minimizing Injury:

Here we explore different ways an athlete can help their body rest and recover and what supplements to consider to protect their brain, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Now, you may be thinking - wow, this sounds amazing, but the nutrition piece - well, that feels hard! 

Here’s a deal we can strike - if you can make certain foods available for your athlete, like lean proteins, starchy carbs (potatoes, grains, beans, fruits, bread, pasta, etc.), veggies, and healthy fats (olive oil, avocados, nuts/seeds, fish like salmon, etc.) - I’ll take it from there. Deal?

I do understand some athletes are super picky, so in that case, I work with what they will eat and overtime I’ll have them explore new foods.

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What Happens Next?

Once you’ve chosen and paid for a coaching session or package, you’ll receive an email from me asking for details about your athlete and what schedule works best to meet virtually. All coaching sessions take place via Zoom, and you are welcome to sit in on as many as you’d like.

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