Calling all parents raising athletes who feel overwhelmed

As a parent raising athletes, I know how it feels to get very overwhelmed and run down at times.  

There’s juggling family, work, sports, house, bills, etc., adulting never stops.  Amirite?

Recently I found myself struggling hard! From one week to the next I felt like I was managing life really great to holy crap – what the heck is happening?

I knew basketball tryouts were approaching and my son had told me the dates but the time seemed off (6:30 am) so I was trying to verify that with the school. I could not find any information on the school website about basketball at all. Finally, I emailed the head coach and that day they put out an announcement of tryouts.

Tryouts were on Monday and Wednesday, my son came home Wednesday night and said, “I made the team!” and, “oh yeah there’s a parent meeting at 6:30 tonight.” 

And so it begins…

I scrambled to get my work done and head up to the school in time for the parent meeting.

At the meeting, we were informed the first game was Friday night (in two days) and the next week there are two fundraisers to participate in AND, it’d be great if you volunteered at games when your student-athlete isn’t playing.

I left that meeting feeling like a rug was ripped from under me – stress and anxiety began to settle in.

We had 6 games from that Friday to the following Saturday!

Grocery shopping for that week took a lot of extra TLC to ensure my son had the right types of foods to get him through early morning practice, basketball class, school, and games.

We made it through but the week completely had me off my game and I was very overwhelmed.  I had to look at the game schedule a million times, and rearrange what I had already planned for the week.

I know many parents that are juggling both school sports and club sports and I just wanna say… I see you!

If we don’t implement some self-care strategies then we will get run down, tired, and sick!

After my week of chaos, I took back what was in my control – my nutrition, movement, and when to decide it’s enough – leave what I didn’t get done for another day.

I made sure we had plenty of veggies prepped and ready to go for the next week and that our meals were energy balanced and nutritious.

I made sure to get in my mobility exercises and morning walks every day, rain or shine because they literally give me life and help me stay in a positive mood.

And I listened to a podcast that really resonated with me on how to define what my enough is. It’s The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher. Oh, man, did I need to hear that one!

This episode helped me to realize that it’s ok to not get everything done in one day.

I am one that can go from sun up to sundown, always feelin’ like I gotta do something. So many things are not critical and can wait, even if it’s dirty dishes in the sink. This helped me to reduce the overwhelm. I’m practicing on choosing my big 3 for the day and that’s it!

I’m sure you can relate to this… when I am tired, stressed, and feeling overwhelmed my family suffers.

I don’t give them my best. You know the saying… If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. I don’t like how that feels, I want to enjoy my family, connect, and support them.  

So listen to me, you are not being selfish if you take the time to fill up your cup first.

This might mean eating nutritious foods and moving your body so your energy is high, getting a pedicure or a massage, taking a hot bath, going to bed early, reading a book, spending quiet time by yourself. Whatever that is for you, do it!

Now that things are back to normal and I’ve reclaimed my energy, I’m ready to enjoy this season and be a loud supportive #basketballmom!


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