My 12-Year-Old’s Meltdown At The Grocery Store

I don’t typically share my newsletters that I write to my inner circle, but this one got a lot of feedback on it, so I thought I should share as it can help bring awareness around the type of oils we eat AND how not parent LOL. No seriously….. I learned a big communication lesson this day.

So here it is…..

It’s been about 4 weeks since I made the announcement to my son Ayden in the chip aisle that we would no longer be buying chips made with vegetable oils that were not cold pressed or expeller pressed.

He looked at me like what the hell, head turned sideways and crazy eyes staring at me.  And then asked WHY?  I explain that vegetable oils such as canola, sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, and blends are so bad for our health if they are not cold pressed or expeller pressed but even then we need to watch how much of these oils we consume on a daily basis.

Ayden said so you are telling me I can no longer eat Doritos, Funyuns, Sun Chips, Pretzels….. all my favorite chips? I responded nope, not if they have the oils I just mentioned.

So he set off to read ingredients and find a chip he could have, I continued shopping.

He brought me the store brand of Doritos and I pointed out the oil, so he stomped off to find another brand.  He brought me organic pretzels and again I pointed out the oil and then he lost it.

Mom, this is crazy!  What am I going to eat for a snack?  You cannot do this to me!  Now my eyes were looking crazy and my head was tilted and all that was running through my mind was oh wow, he’s full on addicted to chips.

Not sure why I felt surprised by this, it is what he has for a snack every day after school.  And then I felt horrible that I allowed him to have a snack on a consistent basis that could really affect his health and cause potential heart problems.

He went on to ask if he was never ever allowed to have chips again? I explained I was not saying that he could have them every now and then but not on a daily basis and we will find something else to replace his snack.

He interrogated me… Like what mom?  You know I just want something salty and crunchy.  Ugh, that is my weakness too so I understood.  All I could come up with at the time to hopefully stop the dramatic scene we were causing was I’ll pop you some popcorn, OK?  Fine, he said.

Whew, I thought let’s finish up and get out of here!  And then he continued.  I can’t believe you are doing this to me, it feels like you just took away my life!  I turned to him and said loudly, Oh My Gosh, stop it right now, I do NOT want to hear another word, do you understand me?  He just glared but didn’t say another word.

I thought well mom great job, you really should have explained all this to him before entering the store, not in the middle of the chip aisle!

Once we got home, I sat him down and explained how vegetable oils are made, how they do not stabilize in our body, how they cause major disruption to the digestive process, how our body cannot use these types of oils or break them down so they ended up as hard little particles that get stuck in the arteries and then… he finished my sentence.  He said and cause heart attacks.

Yes exactly, I explained to him my concerns for him.  If you eat them every now and then it’s not as much of a risk as long as you are not eating a ton of other processed foods.

But when you eat them every single day, this can cause issues and as your mother, I simply cannot allow you to continue to eat something daily that I know can harm you.  

Along with digestive issues and heart problems, these oils inflame your body and can cause your allergies to flare up and you are more likely to have problems with your asthma.

He understood and wished I had explained that to him in the store.  I apologized, as I know I completely blindsided him.

Like I said it was about 4 weeks ago when this all took place.  He has had some organic tortilla chips made with expeller pressed sunflower oil.  But he is limited on how much.

This past weekend we were traveling to San Antonio for Hunter’s soccer tournament and we stopped at a convenient store for a break.  He asked for chips since it’s been a while.  I agreed to let him have a small bag of Funyuns and the next day a small bag of Doritos.

I paid dearly for allowing him to have the chips. He had gas every 30 seconds it felt like and the smell would nearly knock you out.

But I got the chance to point out his body actually doesn’t like that type of food.  I said the chips went to your stomach and started to get processed and digested but said hold up!  What is this?  I can’t do anything with this, so it sits and ferments and produces nasty stinky farts and an upset tummy.

Of course, he giggled but as we sat trying to study for his upcoming end of year math test, he was starting to get annoyed with the gas and smell too. It was a good lesson learned.

So I have popped popcorn, not from a bag.  I pop it on the stove and use real butter.  I have tried making potato chips but they ended up going in my eggs, lol.  I will try again on the thinner setting when slicing.

Overall it’s been a good adjustment and a less than normal gassy little boy.

I am asking you to please check your ingredient label as well if your diet consists of highly processed foods or you eat out all the time, as you too are at risk.  These types of oils are great for the shelf life of foods but not for the long life we wish to live since they do cause inflammation in the body, which leads to a host of other health issues including heart disease.

Restaurants are not frying foods in coconut oil or avocado oil, they are using the oils I mentioned above.  Most restaurants do not use real butter, most use a butter substitute, which is hydrogenated oil, and it’s not good for us either.

To understand more about these types of oils and what causes inflammation in the body, please check out my latest blog: What Is Chronic Inflammation And How to Reverse It.

**It’s not often you find a chip cooked in avocado oil, so I’d like to share a company that is doing things right!  Seite Foods, they make grain free tortilla chips!  You can buy online or find at Whole Foods.


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