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This week’s Mantra is I AM BEAUTIFUL!  I find that sometimes we just don’t believe it’s true because we don’t like what we see in the mirror.  I understand, I have been there too.

We all have imperfections that stick out to us like a sore thumb!  But when others look at us that is not what they see, they see what is beautiful in our soul.  Sure some people are so superficial it’s sickening, but let’s get real here, do we need to interact or have a relationship with those types of people?  Um no…

Part of feeling beautiful daily is being able to accept yourself as you are right now.  Giving yourself permission to make small impacting changing in your life overtime, each step of the way showing love and patience to yourself.  When you grow and change on the inside that is when the physical transformations start to take place on the outside.

Mantra Beautiful

It took me 38 years to get to this place of peace within myself.  As I have shared before, I really struggled with my body image and feeling like I wasn’t good enough. I put myself through the wringer with diet, exercise and negative self-talk.  Trying to beat myself into the perfect body.  It wasn’t until last December that I finally had my ah-ha moment.  I remember telling my health coach that I no longer wanted to diet, I was happy with how my body looked and I really love the reflection staring back at me in the mirror.

It was a HUGE moment for me, I no longer felt the need to have this internal fight with myself.  The fight was stronger than ever beginning around the holiday season.  I struggle with this season to this day even after 13 years of my mother being gone.  I found myself drinking a whole lotta wine and then beating myself up over it.  I was under a lot of stress as I was trying to finish up my certification for nutrition school and still needed to figure out gifts to buy for the family.

I asked myself, what am I doing that is really not necessary at this moment?  I realized it was dieting.

I stopped worrying about being so meticulous over what I ate and measuring everything out perfectly.  Having been with my health coach for 8 months I realized I very much had the hang of portions and she taught me so much about mindset and not being so hard on myself.  She helped me to accept myself as I was in that moment.

Throughout my journey as being a health coaching client, I got so much stronger and confident on the inside, it started to shine through on the outside, so much so that even I started to see it!!

I shared in my newsletter this week that when your beauty from the inside shines so brightly it touches everyone you come in contact with:

Feeling beautiful comes from the inside.  Think about it.  When someone says you are beautiful or you are a beautiful person, what does that mean?

Many times than not it means, you have expressed yourself in a loving and caring way.  You have taken time out for others and affected their life in a positive way.  It means you have smiled so brightly it warmed their heart.  It means your love shines through your eyes and lifts other’s spirits.  It means your touch has calmed anxiety or worry in someone.  It means your words have motivated others to do their best.  That my friend is being a beautiful person.

I asked my inner circle to respond and to tell me what made them feel beautiful?  The responses were amazing!!  They felt the most beautiful when they were giving back to themselves, whether it be putting on a special outfit that made them feel confident stepping out into the world, getting in a good workout, or taking the time to relax and recover.  It was when they took the time to do something for them is when they felt the most beautiful.  It wasn’t when someone else did something for them.  The moral of the story is it all begins with you and how you give back to yourself.

So give it a try!  Make it a point each and every day to give back to yourself, only amazing things can come out of it!!

Are you part of my inner circle? 

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