Healthiest YOU Breakthrough Consultation

 2-hour online consultation via Zoom.

The Healthiest YOU Breakthrough Consultation is for those who have been on a mission to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Does this sound like you?

  • You take pride in yourself and the progress you've made.
  • You work hard to eat nutritious foods.
  • You move and exercise your body on a regular basis.
  • Yet for some reason, you feel stuck and can’t seem to breakthrough to the other side to feel as great as you know is possible.

I want you to know that I hear you!

I understand the incredible frustration of doing “everything” right but still struggling to feel amazing.

For me, it was digestive issues, I removed my known culprits – gluten and dairy, but I still was not 100%.

I had to dig a little deeper to uncover more foods that my body was sensitive to. Had I not dug deeper; I’d still be struggling and frustrated!

You are on the right track, so do not give up!  You just need to dig a little deeper too!

You may be surprised just how easy it is to uncover the food and lifestyle 'gremlins' that are blocking you from thriving.

That is what the Healthiest YOU Breakthrough Consultation is all about!

Simple, yet strategic questions lead to focused answers that reveal an incredible amount of A-HA information.

Can You Imagine:

  • Uncovering how what you thought was healthy, like milk for strong bones, could actually be the biggest culprit preventing you from achieving your best health?
  • Getting clear steps on how to undo some of the damage your current lifestyle is inflicting on you... things like more sleep, clear skin, more energy and so much more!
  • Taking small steps for big momentous change in your overall health... it's not about changing everything, it's about creating your customized healthy plan.

Prior to our consultation, you will be asked to complete three valuable forms that will help me uncover what is preventing you from progressing.

  • 7-Day Food Journal
  • Client Intake Form
  • Lifestyle Assessment Form

I’ll take a comprehensive dive into your diet and lifestyle and help you peel back the layers that are blocking you. 

Together we will develop an action plan so that you can finally feel your best!

Healthiest YOU Breakthrough Consultation $249 - Invest Now

Once you click on the button above to pay for your consultation, you will receive an email within 15 minutes, with all the necessary forms to complete along with a link to schedule your consultation.

WARNING: You should only book a consultation with me if you are serious about making necessary changes via nutrition and lifestyle.

If you feel you would benefit more from a full coaching program, please check out the Claim Back Your Health 4-Month program before purchasing a consultation.

**If you complete your consultation but realize you actually do need to go through Claim Back Your Health program, your consultation fee will be credited towards the 4-month program.