How To Get Real With Yourself And Overcome Struggles

If you are currently struggling with something that you do to an extreme, having negative self-talk daily over an action that you feel you can’t control or just don’t know how to get out of your own way.

Then this video is for you!

My struggle is alcohol and stress.  I finally got real with myself, called myself out on my own bullshit and figured out a solution.   I share my struggles, the stories I would tell myself and how finally one day my self-conscience said NO, that’s complete BULLSHIT! That statement was SO loud, it almost knocked me over.

Literally from that point I had no choice but to look at the situation for what it was and to start changing the stories I told myself.

I get real, open and honest.  And if you are struggling with something that you would desperately like to change, please take the time to watch this video!!

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