Allergen Free Snack Ideas For Teen Athletes

Do you have an athlete that suffers from food allergies?

I hosted a free online Sports Nutrition Workshop on February 20, 2020, and one of the parents asked the following question:  My athlete has severe food allergies, what are some snack ideas?

She said her athlete was allergic to nuts, seeds, eggs, and shellfish.

Being that her athlete is allergic to nuts and seeds, it makes it a huge struggle to find premade snacks at the store.  You can find gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, but these items usually contain nuts and seeds.

Oh, the struggle is real with this one!

While we were on the workshop, I suggested that she stick to whole food snacks that she could prepare herself.  My husband was on the workshop with us and found a bar – No Nuts from his google search.

After the workshop, I had time to research the bar in detail, and from first glance, it looked awesome, no nuts, no eggs, definitely no shellfish, but then I looked at the ingredient list and bam… there were seeds. So that’s a no go!

Now that I have had time to give some brainpower to the question, here’s a list of energy balanced snack combos I’ve come up with that are free of nuts, seeds, eggs, and shellfish:
  • Hummus/Veggies/Fruit
  • Chicken Salad (vegan mayo)/mashed avocado sandwich
  • Greek Yogurt with fresh/frozen fruit
  • Cottage Cheese with fresh/frozen fruit
  • Protein Smoothie – (milk, protein powder, fruit, frozen spinach or power greens, & MCT oil)
  • Quality Deli Meat Sandwiches
  • Jerky with Fruit
  • Greek Yogurt Spinach Dip/Veggies/Fruit
  • Overnight Oats with Protein Powder – in this recipe omit chia seeds and nuts
  • FlapJacked Protein Cookies with Premade Protein Shake
  • Veggie and Fruit Smoothie


Having food allergies is tough, but even tougher for an athlete that needs to fuel their body.  Quick snacks like typical protein bars and cookies, boiled eggs, trail mix, nut butters, etc. are not an option, but thankfully there are whole food options, and it’s not impossible!

If you are looking to get specific guidance for your athlete, schedule a Sports Performance Nutrition Evaluation.  I’m here to help your athlete achieve their goals and dreams!