This past Monday I was invited to watch the documentary Embrace by my friend and fellow Health Coach Elizabeth Sherman.  It’s about one woman who went from hating her post-pregnancy body of 3 children to going through a physical transformation and ending up on stage competing in a bikini fitness competition.

While she was strutting her new body on stage she realized she wasn’t 100% happy and the other ladies on stage with her weren’t completely happy either. There was something each one of them wished they could change about their bodies even at their leanest and fittest, it still wasn’t enough.  So she traveled around the world to find out why women are not comfortable in their own skin.

I have been processing this documentary for the past few days and realized I had an ah-ha moment this time last year when I stopped “dieting” and became appreciative of my body.


Last December I was dieting and had reached my lowest caloric intake before it was time to start reversing out of it.  My energy was low and I was getting hangry a lot. I didn’t like how I was feeling and told my health coach I needed a break. She completely understood and switched me to maintenance calories for a few months.

This is where I had a mental shift and asked myself why I was dieting in the first place?  Sure my body was looking great and my muscles were popping but why did I feel the need to constantly be on a diet?

From that point, I stopped tracking every little thing that passed my mouth and just started living life!!  I realized that my body was strong as hell, I learned how to listen to what my body was telling me and I honored that. I learned how to balance out my meals to provide me with great energy so I could be extremely proactive in everyday life.

I do love my body, but just like everyone else I see the flaws and the negativity pops into my mind.  But I have another voice that is much stronger now that interrupts the negativity and says Hey! Your body is amazing!  The extra skin on your lower belly provided you with an amazing child, those stretch marks on your breasts allowed you to feed him for 7.5 months!  This body is strong, it is healthy, and you feel great!  The strong voice allows me to really listen in and give back to my body in ways that I would not be able to if I was in the constant negative mode.

But there are SO many women that have not experienced their ah-ha moment yet and they are struggling big time with their self-image. They hate their bodies and feel disgusting.  Some are not intimate with their husbands or partners because they cannot bring themselves to be naked around them.

Some women are in such turmoil within themselves but try to tell their daughters to be different.  However, their actions speak much louder than their words and their daughters end up in the same situation of hating their bodies.

There are women that feel their bodies are only valued for sex.  The way a lot of men talk about women’s bodies is wrong. Seriously just listen to the radio.

One out of four women has been sexually abused. They struggle with loving their bodies and usually use food to comfort their emotions.

My takeaways from the documentary Embrace is that whether you are overweight, somewhere in the middle, very fit, very thin, have burned skin, sport a beard, or only have one breast the important thing is to acknowledge and be grateful for what your body does on a daily basis. There are so many women in this documentary that filled my heart with inspiration.  They have been through hell and back.  However, they found peace and 100% love themselves as is.

We can put as much energy in living a healthier mental and emotional lifestyle as we do living an unhealthy one.

I also don’t believe we should judge another person for the size of their body. Like Taryn said in the documentary “This body of mine it’s not an ornament, it’s a vehicle”.

As you can see, after her bikini competition she gained some weight back, but she is HAPPY.  She isn’t sitting around eating bon bons, she is active and moves her body in ways that make her feel great!! She has completely embraced her body and her life. In the end, that’s what matters most.

Make peace within yourself and EMBRACE the shit out life!!

Give back by showing your body some love and support in the way of good nutrients, movement, and self-care so that your body can keep giving back to you in amazing and powerful ways!!

Every woman needs to see this documentary and if you are in the Austin area, it is playing again Tuesday, January 3rd at 7:30 PM. The details are here.  Please purchase your tickets before December 20th.

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