The Diet Renovation


When you start the journey of living a healthier lifestyle it can be extremely overwhelming.  Most of the time you have stumbled upon a new diet and with that diet plan comes set specific meals.  It tells you what to eat and how much.  This plan is purchased by the masses and is not specific to you.

At first, you are excited and have so much hope that this new diet plan will be the very last one you ever do again. The advertisement of the diet plan hits all your emotional hot spots and promises to deliver amazing results.

YES!!  I have the new diet plan in my hands and I am so ready to do this, you think to yourself.  You open it up and the first thing you do is go straight to the suggested meals.  And then your heart drops quickly to your stomach.  Oh no!!  I don’t like half of this stuff. It tells me to eat chicken for days!!  I can’t even stomach broccoli or cabbage.  This is horrible and I have just wasted my money!!

In hopes to recover some of your loss, you flip to the exercise portion of the plan. Shit, really??  I hate running!! Ok, I give up!  How can this be the only way to lose weight and keep it off?


Ah, it’s not!! This is what the mainstream dieting and fitness industry makes us believe, that there’s a one size fits all approach.  But I am here to tell you, you may start on a certain diet plan, choke down all the chicken and run your little heart out but it most certainly is not sustainable for the long haul!!

This is why I felt the strong need to develop The Diet Renovation.  I am so sick and tired of people feeling that living a healthier lifestyle will take major willpower and massive restriction!!

I want to show you that by adding in whole foods, preparing in advance only the foods that end up taking most of our time in the kitchen and balancing out portion sizes is SO much easier than eating shit you don’t like.

What is the result of The Diet Renovation?  Healthier foods ADDED IN, less time in the kitchen and tons of energy and weight management.

As a bonus, you end up with a weekly meal plan by creating an effective shopping list.  I also included my favorite resources for recipes.  You never have to wonder what the heck you will make with the food you just bought!!

The Diet Renovation does not tell you what to eat, you get to browse the shopping guide and decide what sounds good to you. Only whole nutrient dense foods are listed, so you know when you shop from this guide you are making excellent choices for you and your family!!

Honestly, 80% of our food is whole and nutrient dense. We save the other 20% for snacks that we like and no they are not whole foods :)! Being able to still enjoy some wine, chocolate, chips, or whatever is crucial to long-term adherence.

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