Hey there - I’m Coach Kris! I am super excited to connect with you.

Whether you have a specific athlete or a team that you know would benefit from being guided with nutrition, game preparation, building a strong mindset, and minimizing injury - I am here to help support!


As a coach, you expect your athletes to show up prepared and ready to go.  Yet sometimes they don’t eat right and lack the energy to get through a full training or a game.

If you’ve watched your athletes experience any of the following, then my coaching program will hugely benefit the athlete and you as the coach:

  • Lack of energy
  • Become lightheaded
  • Become unfocused
  • Lose coordination
  • Become angry all of a sudden
  • Shut down after making a mistake
  • Show up unprepared (forgot game gear, uniform, water, etc.)
  • Show up late
  • Dealing with nagging pain or always prone to injury

What would it be like if your athletes always showed up fueled and were able to push hard through the full training or game? 

What if they no longer shut down after making mistakes and kept pushing forward?

What if they weren’t late anymore or forgot their stuff?

What would that be like for you as their coach? Amazing, right?

As a coach, it’s hard to watch your athletes struggle, but you’re limited on how you can help them beyond coaching them in their specific sport.

That’s why you and I will make a great team!

I offer 1:1 Coaching or Group Coaching.

Group coaching is perfect for a team as they go through the 4 phases of the program together and hold each other accountable; which will create a strong team bond.

Here is what athletes will work on in the program.

Sports Nutrition:

This is probably the longest phase because I spend a good amount of time with the athlete filling in any nutritional gaps and balancing out food groups to create stable energy balance in the body. The athlete will also receive an individualized nutrition guide based on their sports performance goals.

Once the athlete understands how to eat and feels comfortable making choices that will fuel their performance, we move on to game preparation.

What an athlete learns in the nutrition phase flows over to game prep, mindset, and minimizing injury - so it’s an ongoing practice.

Game Preparation:

Here the athlete starts testing and adjusting their nutrition based on their body’s feedback. If they had high energy throughout a training, practice, or game - awesome, they nailed it! If not, I help them readjust their nutrition, and they try again. This creates so much awareness of how their body feels when they have the right energy balance or when they don’t and how to fix it.

Athletes will also learn my T - 48 Method that gets them dialed in for game day. Two days before competing, they work on dialing-in on their nutrition, hydration, mindset, and sleep.

Building a Strong Mindset:

In this phase, we work on overcoming any internal and external distractions that keep the athlete from competing at their highest level. 

We also explore what it means to have an alter ego (higher self) to call upon when the stakes are high, and everything is on the line for a huge win. 

Athletes will work on setting intentions for every practice, training, or game - instead of just showing up and hoping it all goes well.

Minimizing Injury:

Here we explore different ways an athlete can help their body rest and recover and what supplements to consider to protect their brain, bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

If my Sports Performance program fits well with your training program, let’s team up!

1:1 Coaching for individual athletes - parents can visit this page for more information and pricing/packages.

Group Coaching for teams, please email me at, and I’ll provide you with group pricing.

I do have a referral program, please email me for the details.