Cereal vs Burger ~ Which is the better option?

Recently I was having dinner with some friends (husband and wife) and we were talking about nutrition.

They have been actively making some changes on eating a little healthier. We were talking about how healthy fats don’t make you fat and they should be included in their meals every day. The importance of protein and so on…..

The wife said, hey let me get your opinion on something. My husband is all about looking to see how many calories a food has in it and he is trying to compare the same amount of calories in cereal that a hamburger has. Which is the better choice?

I said ok, so what cereal are we talking about? She said it was Raisin Bran.

Alright, I said, so here’s the deal…. The hamburger will always be a better choice for a meal. She was shocked!! She honestly thought the cereal would be better and her husband celebrated his win, LOL!!

So I broke it down for her. All you are getting with cereal is a ton of carbs and some fiber. The carbs will quickly break down into sugar and spike your blood sugar. The amount of milk you pair with it isn’t enough to balance out the carbs.

The hamburger has a nice portion of ground beef that provides animal fat and protein, you get some veggies with the lettuce, tomato, and onion and you also get a carb source from the bun. Overall it’s a much more balanced option than the cereal.

We talked about how all calories are not created equal. Let say I set my calories at 1800 a day and fill it with Doritos, powdered donuts, and cinnamon rolls. Sure I have met my caloric intake for the day, but I have caused my blood sugar to spike and crash all day and I would have literally zero energy. I’d be a hot hungry mess!

Or I could fill my 1800 calories with eggs, chicken, fish, fibrous veggies, whole starchy veggies, olive oil, nuts, and seeds. With this option, I have balanced out my blood sugar all day, providing me with a great amount of sustained energy. I have given my body something it can actually use to support my digestion and immune system. I would be full and satisfied all day.

Food is information to the body and as we just learned all calories are not created equal. What you put into your body has a direct effect on your health and energy levels.

When we add highly processed foods, our body takes it in obviously, but cannot run smoothly on it. It backfires so to speak. Digestion takes longer, we don’t feel so well and our energy takes a huge hit. It’s like adding regular unleaded to fuel a car that only accepts premium unleaded. The car isn’t going to run so well and there a 100% chance it will cause major damage if you continue to use regular unleaded.

Just like we depend heavily on our cars, our body is our transportation too. Without it, we don’t exist in this world.

Now let me ask you this since we are talking hamburgers. Which is a better choice…. A Big Mac from McDonald’s or a burger made at home with Grass-Fed Beef?

I hope you choose the burger made at home with Grass-Fed Beef. We can still enjoy our favorites but it’s important that we up-level our ingredients!!

Let’s stay ready, so if and when sickness comes knocking on our door, we can say no thank you, not interested. Instead of willingly inviting a harmful stranger in to take us down in our own home!

By staying ready that means eating whole unprocessed food, drinking enough water and moving our bodies!!

If you have been constantly eating the carb diet mentioned above and your health is in the tank, I have great news for you!

You can clean up your nutrition and your body will immediately respond with a sincere Thank You!! It’s not too late!!!

Improve your nutrition…….Change your life!


Nutrition – it can either strengthen our immune system or break it down and lead to sickness and disease.  

Most doctors will only hand you a prescription for medication and call it a day.  They won’t dive deeper to finding the underlying cause.

In most cases, it’s our nutrition or the lack thereof that sends our immune system spiraling down into sickness and disease.

That’s where I come in, to help you find the underlying cause and help you improve your nutrition so that you can start living life to the fullest again!!  You want to THRIVE not just survive!!

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