How Caffeine Can Induce Anxiety

When stress is really high in my life, I get a lot of anxiety. Heart beating fast, shortness of breath and on the brink of a panic attack.

I started reducing my stress by doing some yoga, deep breathing, meditation and taking nightly walks.  I could feel my anxiety melting away.

Even though I was working hard to reduce my stress, the anxiety started creeping back in, but this was a little different.

I started noticing that anytime I would have a cup of coffee or two, I would get jittery and snippy. I had zero patience.

I thought maybe it was the type of coffee we were buying so we made the switch to organic. And while I am a huge proponent of organic coffee vs. conventionally grown coffee sprayed with tons of pesticides, it was not the coffee its self. It was the caffeine.

On top of this, I was drinking a few Diet Dr. Peppers here and there. But I started seeing that I was drinking more and more coffee and Diet Dr. Peppers and my anxiety was HIGH!

(Here is a video if you’d rather listen than read the blog)

I stopped drinking Diet Dr. Pepper and started paying more attention to how just 1 cup of coffee made me feel. I would start drinking coffee about 5:45 in the morning and would finish my first cup around 8:30, so about three hours on 1 cup of coffee. Yet by 9:30-10:00 my anxiety was super high. That’s when I realized, my body was still in a stressed state and caffeine was not helping me at all!

Caffeine is a stimulant and if you are stimulating an already stressed body, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Hormones take a hit

~Cortisol – a stress hormone, a little is good, but too much has your body in constant fight or flight mode, every little thing can have your body reacting as if it was under a major attack

~Thyroid Hormones – too much stress throws your thyroid functions out of whack and causes your metabolism to not function properly

~Hunger hormones – your gut/brain connection shuts down and you may have a strong desire to eat when you are not hungry

I had to circle back around to techniques that effectively bring down my stress, and try to not tackle my life and to do list all at once.

Again I did deep breathing and meditations, walked, added in long hot baths and did a little yoga.

I had to cut out the caffeine but there’s no way I could not have something warm and yummy to start my morning. That’s been my routine for the past 13 years and I really love it.

Thank goodness I found a coffee alternative that still gives me that little spark of energy without feeling like I have an IV drip of caffeine pumping through my veins.

And that is Crio Bru, it’s like a nice cup of hot cocoa and full disclosure I do add just a splash of coffee,  for a bolder taste.

This has been so wonderful for me. I really don’t miss coffee or it’s induced anxiety in my body.  Plus, I just visited their website and they have a holiday collection out now ????!

If you are like me and want something warm to start your morning off with, but not into chocolate, look into decaffeinated teas or coffee.

Again go with organic if possible, so that you are not disrupting your gut health as conventionally grown teas and coffee beans are highly sprayed the pesticides.


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