Beat the Fatigue

The Ultimate Energy Masterclass

Stop depending on the IV drip of caffeine and learn how to triple your energy naturally!

Discover what is zapping your energy
Focus on the area that is most out of balance
Receive an abundance of energy

Event Details

Date: XX/XX/2018

Location:  Pflugerville, TX

Cost: $97 per person

**Limited Spots Available**

During the masterclass, we will cover 5 key energy zones, and you will learn which zone(s) need immediate focus so that you can start to restore your energy levels and live the life you desire!

The Energy Zones are:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Stress
  3. Movement
  4. Sleep Quality
  5. Fun (or the lack thereof)

I’ll help you evaluate each zone so that you walk away with the exact tools, actions steps, and confidence to take back control of your energy!

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Raise your hand if you do any or most of these on a daily basis:

  • Wake up feeling groggy most mornings
  • Sleep past your alarm, hit snooze multiple times
  • Reach for multiple cups of caffeine and/or sugar to get you going and keep you going throughout the day
  • Hit the afternoon slump around 2-3 pm every day
  • Guilty of telling your kids “no, I’m too tired” when they want to do something with you
  • Accidentally take naps after work
  • Only *think* about exercising
  • Stay up too late at night
  • Often dream about what you’d do if you had enough energy

Been there… Done that!!

I get it, I really do!

When I moved back to Austin, TX in 2011, I was a highly stressed, newly single parent.  I remember crying so many nights feeling overwhelmed with my lack of energy and all the things I had to get done each night.  You know like make dinner, do the dishes, pack my son’s lunch, get him and myself to bed.

Seems easy and part of a nightly routine, right?  Well, not when you have a severe energy deficiency, and all you want to do is go straight to bed after work!

Not to mention my son was extremely energetic, pretty much bouncing off the walls. All his energy met with the lack of mine, caused me major anxiety, and I constantly felt like a crappy parent who always said, not tonight; I’m too tired.

I didn’t exercise and was on the couch every chance I got!  I remember a friend had come to visit one morning and she suggested that I join her for a workout. Then she was confused as to why I was looking at her like she had lost her damn mind.

Workout? Uh no, I mean my gosh I hadn’t even had coffee yet!!

Each day right at 3 PM, I would hit a massive energy slump and venture to the vending machine for a Dr. Pepper and a bag of chips just to get me through the next two working hours.

I was tired, all day, every day!!

If you are struggling right now, you know that energy is everything!  It’s the dictator of how productive you are, what mood you are in, whether or not you spend quality time with your family and friends, if you are active, if you are a couch potato, and if you are in good health or poor health.

One day I realized the power to have more energy was up to me. It was time to take back control of my life.

Recently I found myself dealing with a few hormonal imbalances which zapped my energy, and I had to learn this lesson once again.  Each time I take back control of my life, my energy is like the sun peeking out from behind a dark, gloomy clouds saying… Hey girl, wanna do something fun today?

When I feel a drop in my energy, I evaluate those 5 critical zones of life to ensure I am doing everything I can for myself to increase my energy, not zap it.

It’s my inner navigation system, and I want to teach you how to create yours.

Like my client Dan...

Here’s a quick story about a client I worked with who had chronic fatigue.  

While reviewing his intake form, I noticed that he was taking Adderall. I assumed he was taking it for ADHD, but I made sure to ask him why his Dr. prescribed it to him.  He said he took the medicine to help with his chronic fatigue.

Once I had a chance to review his food journal, I was able to point to a specific food that could possibly be the culprit for his chronic fatigue.  We decided to remove this food from his diet for one month to see what would happen.

Within two weeks, Dan reported that he could not believe how much energy he had and how he no longer struggled to stay awake past 7 pm and that he finally had the energy to play with his daughter!

Dan continued to keep this food out of his diet for the next two weeks. After a month had passed, I suggested adding this food back into his diet to see how his body would react.  Within the first week, he reported the fatigue was back, and he chose to remove this food from his diet permanently.

Here’s what others have to say about their energy levels after attending the MasterClass:


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Aren't you tired of being tired and not living your life?

This Masterclass is for you if you are ready to:

  • Bounce out of bed with tons of energy
  • Start having fun again
  • Stop being so stressed out
  • Get outdoors and be adventurous again
  • Enjoy your vacation
  • Fully enjoy your family and friends
  • Experience what health feels like
  • Thrive in your work

If you are saying YES to all of it, then let’s do this!!

Once you secure your spot, you will receive an email from me with the address of the event location, along with a workbook to complete prior to attending.

There are only 6 spots available, so don’t hesitate and secure your spot today!

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