About Kris

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Hey there, I’m Coach Kris. I’m very excited to introduce myself to you!

I am a Level 2 Certified Sports Performance Nutrition Coach – certified through Precision Nutrition. 

I am passionate about helping teen athletes increase their sports performance and achieve their goals.

I’ve been certified in Sports and Exercise Nutrition since 2016, but I didn’t start off coaching with teen athletes.

I began by using my knowledge and experience of nutrition to help adults get healthier, gain more energy, lose weight, and undercover food intolerances. While that was great and very fulfilling, I couldn’t help but be drawn into sports.

I have two teen boys that both play sports and at every game or tournament, I’d watch athletes lose their energy right before my eyes and their parents lose their minds!

I have witnessed teen athletes fuel up before a game on fast food and concession stand food and then watched them play poorly in a game.

I have witnessed teen athletes eat/drink a bunch of sugar before a game and then crash and become uncoordinated and moody during the game. Hey, there sugar crash!

I learned first hand with my older athlete when he started playing select basketball that we had to adjust his nutrition immediately if he was to play multiple games during weekend tournaments.

I knew I could help these athletes, so at the end of 2018, I decided to go all-in with Sports Performance Coaching. This is truly where my heart is. 

My mission is to help teen athletes achieve their goals by guiding them with sports nutrition that is specific to their body and sport, game preparation, building a strong mindset, and minimizing injury so they play at their highest level each time they step onto their field of play.


I work with teen athletes in all sports, all performance levels, and in any location as coaching is virtual. As long as the athlete is competitive and has a willingness to keep growing and improve – then we’ll be a great fit!

To learn more about Sports Performance Coaching, please visit the page that best fits you:


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