A break in my bedtime routine… A story you might relate to

Last week we talked about what happens to your health when you don’t get quality sleep. Now it’s time for a personal example.

If you are anything like me, you like a good routine.  

There’s a reason we develop routines, mainly to gain a bit more structure in our lives.  They keep you on track, consistent, and moving forward.

But sometimes, it’s fun to break the routine, right?

Today let’s discuss bedtime routines.  

We know they are important for our kids, but most of us adults don’t have a solid routine in place.

It goes something like this…

Get off work, make dinner, eat dinner while sitting on the couch, snack and/or drink some wine or a few beers, watch TV, scroll through social media, look at the clock, think “Holy crap it got late,” continue to scroll through social media, and then finally go to bed.  Only to get between 4-6 hours of sleep each night.

The next morning, you are dragging and in desperate need of caffeine!

I get it, I have lived this situation, but now that I have a solid routine in place, I really don’t enjoy breaking it.

But a few months ago it was broken, and although I had the best time breaking my routine, OMG did I pay dearly for it for a few days after!

Let’s just say I’m no spring chicken anymore!

I met my girlfriend, Maria, in Houston for a girls’ only weekend.  She was so sweet to invite me and treat me to P!nk’s concert.

Our first night was great, we were both tired and in bed by 10 pm (Grandma status). However, I don’t sleep well in hotels, so the quality was…meh!

The next night was the concert. We had an awesome dinner before and a few cocktails, and then off we went to the most amazing concert I’ve been to in a long time!

I mean P!nk was flying through the air, singing her heart out, the lights were amazing, and there was fire shooting up! You could feel the heat from the stage.  I was trying to take it all in while singing, dancing and having such a great time.

By the time we got back to the hotel it was 12 am, we both rushed to bed as soon as we walked in.  I was so tired, and Maria had to get up in less than 4 hours to catch her flight back home. But because of all the stimulation, I had the hardest time going to sleep.

Maria’s alarm went off, and to the airport she went. I thought “Ok, let’s see if I can get a few hours of quality sleep.”  But nope I just couldn’t sleep well.

I got up right before 8 am, had some coffee and got on the road to go back home.

This trip warranted a much needed nap.  Well, actually I couldn’t function anymore and was almost that toddler I talked about last week, so I put myself to bed LOL!

Later Sunday evening, we made dinner and watched a movie, American Assassin.  It was a highly action-packed movie that ended past my bedtime.

Again, I was so tired, but I could not fall asleep, I laid there for what felt like forever!

Watching a movie that stimulates you right before bed is not a great idea, but did you know that for every hour you watch TV, work on a computer or scroll on your phone in the evening it suppresses your production of melatonin by 30 minutes due to the blue light emitting from these devices?

If this is your routine every night, you are not getting quality sleep.

It might be hard to fall asleep because the blue light is keeping your body from the important signal of…“It’s getting dark so now it’s time to start making Melatonin.”

When the body doesn’t get that signal, it’s hard to fall asleep, but even harder to stay asleep.

This is why blue light blocking glasses are so beneficial to your quality of sleep.  It helps block out the blue light that shines in our eyeballs from all the electronics we use every night.

For the phones, computers and tablets, you can turn on nightshift (iOS) or download a blue light blocking app called Twilight (Android), however, for TVs, that’s where the blue light blocking glasses come in.

The next morning I woke up as if I didn’t sleep at all!!  I’ve been trying to stay away from full strength coffee in the morning as I noticed it was stressing my body out again and making me feel anxious, but on this particular Monday morning, I was like GIVE ME ALL THE COFFEE!!

Finally, it was my bedtime, I was so tired, and yet again I laid there for what seemed like forever.  I knew it was the damn coffee!

Did you know that caffeine still has a half-life 8 hours after you drink it?  And yep, you guessed it; caffeine can totally mess with your quality of sleep!

So here it was Tuesday evening and I was determined to get a great night of sleep!  I had no caffeine; I didn’t watch TV too late, I went for a leisure walk, drank some hot herbal tea, applied my magnesium body butter and fell asleep so easily!

Only to be woken up by my hormones warming up my body as if I was in a hot sauna.  GEEZ, I thought, can’t I catch a freaking break?!?

I did the same routine on Wednesday night, and FINALLY, I got some quality zzz!!!  I woke up feeling amazing; full of energy and then bam, my period hit!! 🙁

So to say that was a tough week for me is an understatement, but it seriously made me appreciate my bedtime routine and to not have the desire to break it again any time soon!!



Is this an area you need help in?  Setting routines may feel daunting at first, but once you get them integrated into your life, they can be serious game changers for your health!!

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